Purple Spots on the display of my device

Device: Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system: Android 12

Recently, I observed some purple bluish spots on the screen (an image for this can be found below) of my smartphone device. I have searched about it on Google and they say my display got damaged. I read somewhere that this can probably occur due to phone overheating, due to phone fallen down from a great height or due to some software issues. I usually do ultra long haul flights on weekends and give some rest to my phone on other remaining days of a week. And my phone heats a lot when i am flying. So, just wanted know is overheating a cause for my device’s display damage?
Thank You


Hello, it’s a little hard to say for this kind of stuff with little information about the use of the phone itself. I will say that it is very unlikely that this was caused due to infinite flight in particular but may have been a result of an overheat. If you find your phone is overheating, I highly recommend that you reduce your graphics settings as it will help tremendously. I’m sorry that this has happened to your device and I hope this helps answer your question :)

I will also say that this looks more like impact damage from where the purple is coming from and due to the fact that it is centralized in an area close to the edge. Again, I’m not quite sure though.

Thanks for your advice. I have attached a screenshot of my graphics settings. Everything is set to low. But then too it turns hot. And i agree with you that it hasn’t occured due to IF app.

Do you normally have your phone plugged in while playing? That can make it heat up.

Do you use low power mode and do you have brightness up?

Also doesn’t help if it’s on a blanket or a heavy case


I wouldn’t say this is a Infinite Flight issue, but a device issue. The are forums on the internet which should tell you all the sufficient information you need, or contact Samsung support!

Cheers, Rye.

Yeah I usually fly long hauls overnight so during that time I have my phone plugged in to the charger. But, since I turn on Air Conditioners, so my phone remains cool during that time. My phone usually turns hot during day time.

Yeah I use low power mode with low brightness. And during flying it is kept on my study table with charger plugged in.

Makes sense, maybe if you have a small fan or something that you could put your phone in front of during the day that could help.
I use an iPad and a lot of the time when im cruising and charging the iPad I put it on top of an air purifier that is blowing air on it constantly and that keeps it from getting hot.

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I just whip out a ice pack the second I’m losing frames because of my phone overheating 🥴


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