Purple spots on 737-800

Logged in today at CYLW → CYYC with a 737-800 and this is what happened (check images). These purple spots also appeared in replay, and still appeared after closing the app, restarting the device, and reopening the app. I’m not sure if the problem is form the app or the device… It also appears in other airports. Is this normal? Is this just a loading problem?

Device: iPad 9th generation
Operating system: 15.5

Thanks for your help!


Interesting problem you have there

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I run on 15.5 and there nothing wrong with me planes

I think it’s just me… I’ll try to delete the app and reinstall it

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Maybe it’s your iPad

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For issues like these, we need to try and reproduce them from our end to be able to investigate. A reinstall isn’t likely to solve this. Can you let us know some more details?

  • What are your graphic settings? (a screenshot of the settings → graphics page would be ideal)
  • What airport did this happen at? (was it CYLW or CYYC?)
  • What is the exact date and time in the simulator? (a screenshot of the Time page in the app would be great).

Thank you!

I am no longer on this “flight”, and it doesn’t appear anymore. (I just closed and re-opened the app and it stopped). But here are the information what you asked:

It happened at CYLW
It doesn’t appear anymore, and in the replay as well. I keep trying to login same position and aircraft, but it stopped.

As soon as it happens again I’ll stay in the game. I didn’t thought about it and I left the game, sorry. But I can tell you that I changed the time when I arrived, and it was still there.

No worries, appreciate the info anyway! If it happens again, let us know that info :)

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Alright thanks for your help! I’ll do that 😉

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