Purple Ring around Heading Indicator

Hi all,
I was waiting until the support category calmed down enough to post this - and now that most Global topics have been solved, I thought I should bring this up again as it wasn’t fixed in Global.

The problem:
Whenever you touch/tap/do anything with two fingers on the compass indicator, then a purple ring will appear. The ring does not go away, whatever you do, even if your aircraft is not in a turn. (See linked topic for photos)

This issue is not solvable by a reinstall, restart or anything of the like. I am merely making this topic to raise awareness of this issue. It doesn’t need to be fixed however it is a bug, and they are meant to be squished…

There was a previous topic on this ( Purple Ring Around the Heading Indicator / Compass When Pinched) but that has been closed.

Thanks for reading!

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It’s a known issue, but it seems to be infrequent and not cause major issues so has not been a priority for the developers. They may fix this in the future

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Yeah I’m aware of that, just wanted to bring it back to attention!