Purple oval circle

I’m wondering what’s that circle means, the approach ATC told me to make a left 360. Do I have to follow it?


That’s a holding pattern, yes you do.


Pretty sure if it appears you have to follow it until you are cleared to do the next thing

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That is a holding pattern, which you must follow until vectored out of it. If you are instructed to make a 360, do so.


Just follow that carefully till the next instruction. That’s a holding pattern

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Again, this is another thing that was not properly explained in the app for those who do not frequent the forum.


This is a known bug. When ATCs issue 360s on approach, the holding pattern will appear for some reason. Just complete the requested 360 and await an instruction afterwards. I believe it’s supposed to be fixed in the next update, whenever that will be.

For the rest of you, read his question first.


How would it be explained in the app? There are several excellent tutorials available here.

I have noticed that bug. I was given a 360 and a hold appeared, which was confusing. However, after the 360, I was issued another vector, so it turned out fine. Hopefully this issue can be fixed quickly so it doesn’t confuse people.

Some type of “what’s new” page after an update, better in-app placement of links to tutorials, etc. Remember, most users do not come to this forum at all.


Isn’t that a hold pattern ?? I was confused to see tht pink race course in my radar too when i was asked to do a 360…infact i did that hold pattern but resumed the normal course out of pattern as it was a 360 issued…a little confused abt it though

So I have to follow the purple oval line untill the ATC give me the next unstruction? So maybe I have to make the 360’s more than 1 time?

Thank you guys for the Answers!

Really? We have 11,000+ members. That’s quite a lot.

The app has over 100,000 downloads.


Not sure abt that…if u r advised to do a 360 u have to do it once i suppose…but in holding pattern you have to be in that pattern until next instruction from atc…as i said am not sure abt it…would be explained by senior atc i hope

I wonder how many have Live. Now let’s get back on topic.

Doing the required 360 is all that is needed. If we want you to do a holding pattern, we will tell you. The track is there to help give a visual to pilots, as many of us have never experienced a holding pattern before. :)

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So to clarify it…the pink race course is not a bug and it will appear when issued a holding pattern or a 360…u have to do the pattern once for a 360 and resume normal heading and if you are told to hold repeat the pattern until u get next instruction…am i getting it right ??

No. It showing for a 360 is a bug. A 360 just means make a big circle, not necessarily an oval. So just do that if asked to do a 360. Just one circle and continue on your way.

If asked to do a hold, you will hear an instruction which tells you to turn to a heading that will direct you toward the hold. When you reach it, you follow the hold pattern (“purple oval”) making left or right turns as instructed. You stay in this pattern until instructed to leave.