Purple liveflight icon

Ok, so i just wanted to know what the purple icons on liveflight are, I tried looking it up but I couldnt find it

It’s a moderator if purple and staff if blue

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Planes displayed in purple are Moderators
Blue planes are staff

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Ok, makes sense cause i just found jasonrosewell and it was blue

To add onto that, the purple and blue are for those added in 2020 or before. Those added afterwards probably wont be shown until an update of it. (Me, Balloon, and Dan)


Dan has a blue one on Live Flight.


Let’s get this trending people.

Nah, love you (:


BRB gonna cry in the corner


rest in piece

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Just checked. Dan is not blue on the LiveFlight app. He has a blue tag in game though. Just like I have a purple tag but I’m not purple on LiveFlight

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on my device he has blue

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Might be a small chance I got purple on it too 🤞🏾

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