Purple Freebird Airbus A320-200

📸Foto by : Andrzej Kłos

The airline was established in June 2000 and started operations on 5 April 2001 with a service between Istanbul and Lyon using a McDonnel Douglas MD-83 aircraft. n November 2003 the airline received its first Airbus 320-200 aircraft, and today the fleet is made up entirely of this type.

The fuselage is a little bland, but I really like the tail design.


Wow. Nice colour. We’re looking forward


Very nice coating, I can’t wait to fly when added.

Okey i really hope we can get this livery to IF. But can we get any poll because they have 5 different tail colors.


Hi @Basilisk , The necessary vote was made by the Turkish İFS (TA-VA) comminty and the color purple was chosen.
The reason for this color is to increase the variety in the game .
If the example was yellow, it would look like Pegasus in the game.


Bumping This Topic 🔥

I fully endorse the proposal to introduce the Purple Freebird Airbus A320-200 livery in Infinite Flight. The striking purple design of this livery is eye-catching and would undoubtedly be a popular choice among users. By including the Purple Freebird livery, Infinite Flight would cater to the diverse preferences of its community, offering a visually appealing and distinctive option for virtual pilots.

These planes keep flying in and out of my airport!

Beautiful Livery 😍

Tail design looks good

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A different color, absolutely successful! 👏🏼

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This view is amazing 📸🔥

Good livery

I’m looking forward to livery💜

💜 nice plane

It has many flights, especially in the summer season

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Flown Freebird once, it was quite an experience.
Me personally, I would’ve chosen TC-FHN, the red Freebird aircraft with sharklets. It looks more modern.



Let’s for 70 vote guys 💜💜 👀

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İts great.