Purple Aircraft Frame

Just found this when i started descending, has it been reported already?

iPad Air 2 iOS 14.5.1
21.1 (986)


Purple is generally a sign of failed texture loading. Try closing the app and restarting your device.

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Known issue with the 777 :)


It just disappeared, thank you though!

Its on the 787 as well, if no one has already reported it

Nope, no one had. We’re checking this and trying to get this resolved asap.


I’ve experienced the same thing couple days ago with Emirates 777

Hi All,

Yes- I have just experienced this too. I assumed just a fancy new livery in honour of pride month :P

On 757 too

Exactly which graphics settings & visibility conditions were this under? Been trying to get a repro for this but have been quite unsuccessful tbh.

I got this too everything set to high,anti-aliasing ON,tried getting everything to low and aliasing off,still the issue prevailed! iPhone 12 Pro Max,iOS 14.6

had all of mine on low, then after a bit in the cockpit, went to the external view and engines, lights and cockpit windows had the texture issue.

i think it’s related to the cloud layer, once i got away from it (just now) it stopped

maybe that’ll help you with recreation

Got this on the tbm and bbj as well

We’re trying to get some solid repro steps here.
It seems to be random from what i can tell so far. But if anyone knows a way to make it appear, please share :)


I had my graphics settings on medium (high for 3D object density) airplane count on medium and i had just started descending through 250 i think, it stayed there for about 2000 feet or like 3mins then it disappeared, that’s the best i can do sorry if it’s not much help :)

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Hey everyone, thank you for your reports and patience with this. We have found the issue and we’ll be sending a hotfix as soon as possible to solve this.


If you’re on Android, this fix is rolling out today.
If you’re on iOS, this should come by tomorrow or Wednesday (we are waiting for Apple’s App Review).


Thanks Cam, you guys are legends!

iOS is rolling out now :)


Just got it thanks.