Pure chaos at Kuwait

The photos explain it

We need 2 Atc,
Pls help me


Hi sorry for the inconvenience! Despite the busy waits IFATC controllers are doing all they can to serve you and get you in the air as professionally as possible. You will experience some delays due to traffic. They are doing what they can! Hang tight!

I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour


Seems pretty crazy

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Like I said, with it being an FNF day and a stream occurring you may be experiencing delays. If you have a concern about this message your controller. Sorry about this, I know for a fact they don’t want you to feel unsatisfied with your session.

I m s t r e a m I m g

Yea that’s why I try to usually avoid hub airports for FNF😂

Per orders from high command, IFATC controllers are supposed to give priority to AviatorDan, you can see him in that alleyway of the ramp. This includes methods such as ground stops, so you will probably be sitting there for a while unfortunately…

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