Purdue University SR-20

Why is the Purdue SR-20 livery necessary? There are many aspiring pilots in the community here, and some of those people will likely go to a university to learn to fly. Representing a livery that many learn to fly in seems like a no brainer. For me personally, this is the airplane that I learned to fly in, and will take me through commercial and instrument ratings. I’m sure that many more will have similar experiences with this airplane. In addition to being a livery that many people may fly in real life the airplane, is simply quite beautiful.


Hey buddy, looks like you forgot the giant corn decal ;)

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That livery looks very nice

@JoshFly8 would love this

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Would love to see this aviation college get their awesome livery added into Infinite Flight!

Especially since many IFC Members attend this university. :)

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This is the collage I’ve wanted to be going to