Purchasing Subscription Prior to Expiration

So if your like me, you want to spend iTunes money you get straight away. I have some money saved up, and I can’t explain how tempting it is to spend it, and I’m trying to save it until my subscription expires. Is there a way to stack subscriptions? For example (its 2017) , if my Subscription expires in July, 2018, is it possible to buy another subscription that won’t expire until 2019? (It would still be 2017). Just a question I had :-)

Im sure you can if you buy another Subscription ;), last time I checked they can stack but I could be wrong.


i dont think thats a possibility but could be wrong

Do you know where it is?

Sorry, I was wrong in my last post. No, unfortunately you cannot stack your subscriptions for the moment.

Have a great night,


Thanks for informing me on this, and I’m glad you could help me. Happy flying!

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