Purchasing Routes

Money wise it doesn’t make sense, say (al use pounds for this example) say the flight from EGLL - KSFO is 99p you would only get 10-12 flight for the price of a hole month of pro is £9.99 so in that respect it doesn’t make sense.

And as everyone else has pointed out it would make a massive workload for the dev as well as trying to push that system to Apple, I don’t think it would happen but it is a good idea

Wait so if you bought a map before global hen you still have it, even if you don’t have global? Because I don’t have global right now and the only map that I purchased was the Caribbeans.

Also, I am gonna try to glide from Southern California to San Francisco in different sized aircraft to see if it works.

Yes, if you purchased a map before global, you still have it

I had the Singapore region and when the new global update came out I no longer have it, even tho I paid for it.

Singapore was a free region which we removed due to lack of proper scenery :)


Wow didn’t think I would see this! I like this idea though!

Yea, the scenery in the Malaysian area is pretty bare. (Just flew there)

Im guessing it will return when it gets -15m scenery?