Purchasing Routes

So, some people don’t want to buy Pro. If we could purchase routes for example:


And it would open up a direct line to the destination with 2 miles on the left and right.

You could put in the two ICAO codes and it would tell you how much it would cost. Maybe you could also purchase it with xp as there is not much use for it now.

Q: Why not just get €10 a month?
A: It’s perminantly on your account.

Being honest, creative idea! Not sure how it would work though as the terrain/scenery in Infinite Flight is streamed to your device, it isn’t just all there at once, else it would lag.

I feel like this would be very hard to implement, but creative idea none the less. :)


I’ve found out, (by flying a 787 from 48,000ft from EHAM - EGLL without pro…) that even going out of bounds and losing power, scenery still loads in.

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Because, before, you could purchase locations. So I purchased EGLL. Then when global came out, EHAM and EGLL could be connected by gliding from 48,000 ft.

This would be pretty complex to implement.

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When global came out, Infinite Flight allowed users to fly between directly connecting regions like London and Amsterdam without pro.

Not sure if the scenery would still of loaded in, if you had actually went out of the boundaries, which I don’t recommend doing for anyone without Infinite Pro.


I have glided from EGLL-EHAM once without pro XD

Scenery seemed fine

Yeah you don’t need pro to fly between EGLL - EHAM as the two regions are side by side. That’s why it would of worked for you.

Ah… Still, be pretty cool if they would implement this into IF.

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I appreciate your idea but it requires something really important.Infinite flight must create a system that make the airport out of the route disappear. You know the scenery will not disappear although you do not buy pro now.

If you say, purchasing online routes; yes, it can be beneficial.

If you say purchasing offline routes; i don’t agree with you.

Making it essentially a pay per route feature would be a massive headache for the dev team I’m sure. Also it would put me off playing, the way it’s set up now is perfect and hardly a massive expense for the pleasure you get from the simulator.

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Cool idea, but i am not sure. In my opinion this is weird. Why not just stick with Global? You can fly anywhere around the world and it doesn’t make as much of a difference to what the non-subscribers currently have. It is good enough to just make short haul flights from France to London, as an example. There is no difference to me. And i do not think this is profitable. It also creates a little mess comparing to Global. Why not just keep it simple? Although the prices for global are too high. Without updates they should bring the prices down.

Oh… I don’t mean offline, I just mean solo, Online XD

Purely from economics view, what you propose initially seems like a good, less costly, alternative. Even though personally I find the 11€/ month a fair trade, I find the idea of lowering the bar for users who want to be involved less consistently very good. I believe though, that in the long run route pricing will eventually turn the game more expensive if you consider the huge number of established routes currently existing worldwide.

As a simple base case, a user who pays the monthly subscription for a year(currently the most expensive options) it will give (11€ Χ 12) 132€ per year and he is granted access to fly any route and region he wants. If we assume that this user flies on average 300 different routes per year (less than one unique route per day) then the cost for each different route is at 0.44€, less than half of the price you proposed and with the benefit that the user flies wherever he decided on spot and he doesn’t have to plan his route purchases beforehand. This price is even lower for people with 6-month or yearly subscriptions.

It would make more sense to me that another time package will be added (daily /weekly pass) with a lower price (e.g. weekly for 4€) rather than focusing on pricing a huge amount of routes worldwide (which is a time hungry task). This will lower the economic bar for someone who wants to invest less time on the app while it will keep offering the same product and experience to everyone.

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Good idea. I will vote

SALES! You can purchase an unique intercontinental route only for 5$ ! The route will be from EGLL (Casual Server) to KJFK (Training Server) and than to KLAX (Expert Server) by paying only $5!
Hurry up until the sales is over!


If we purchase 2 routes A-B and A-C, can we fly from B-C?

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This is very hard math question. Calculating the answer will take minimum 24 hours. 😁