Purchasing pro subscription with different Apple ID

I’m planning on purchasing a 1 month pro subscription for my infinite flight and I am using a different Apple ID to buy the subscription than the one I used to purchase the actual game. Will I still be able to buy the subscription and will it work?

Purchases are tied to your Apple ID so anything made with one Apple ID will be tied to it. Is there any particular reason why you are going to purchase the Pro Subscription with a different Apple ID?


I think he means he is purchasing it on one Apple ID and is getting a new Apple ID and wants to know if the sub is still valid if signed into with the same credentials on the new Apple ID.

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All App Store purchases are final. If he purchased the app on one ID it won’t show up on another ID. This is different then signing into Live.

Just to clarify

Purchases are tied to your Apple ID and not the device. You can purchase Infinite Flight with an Apple ID and use the app on multiple devices but you cannot fly at the same time on multiple devices.


The only way this will be possible is to repurchase the app on your new ID or request that the iTunes support team transfers your purchases to the new ID. Good luck!


As long as the id is registered with in a family account and google is the same your information is the same this being in purchased section on you device

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Thanks for the replies. I was going to use a different ID because it was new and I wanted to see if it worked by buying something. After reading the replies I think I will use my original Apple ID to purchase the subscription just to be safe. Again, thanks for your help

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This way, if you had any XP, flight time, or landings, those would still remain. Glad you found the best solution for you!