Purchasing Multiple Live Subscriptions

Hi there,
I’m having trouble purchasing more than one month of Live subscriptions through the Infinite Flight app. I’ve been wanting to use up some iTunes cards so I am not using the Infinite Flight website to purchase these subscriptions. Here is a screenshot of the error:

I am wondering if there is any way to get around this issue so I can buy 3 more months of Live through the app, on top of the month subscription I purchased just today? Any help is much appreciated :)

iOS 11.1 beta (shouldn’t make a difference)
iPad Air 2
Latest IF version

To replicate this issue:
Using iOS, purchase a month of Live, go to your user account in the top left after purchasing the subscription, press “Upgrade” and an error should pop up after attempting to purchase another Live subscription.

I would like to help but I can’t even get to where you are

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I suggest you try too purchase through the website, as the system is picking up that you have an existing subscription, and thinking that you don’t know this, so it won’t let you buy it.

He won’t be able to use his iTunes cards so that is his hurdle right now ;) The website accepts 3 methods of payment (Credit Card, AliPay, Bitcoin)


Yes, exactly. I’d much prefer to use up my iTunes cards, which cannot be used through the IF website.

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@anon31652286 my recommendation to you would be to see if you could reallocate or barter those iTunes cards and renew/extend your subscription on the Infinite Flight website ;)


you can sell the cards and buy the subscription online with credit card

My problem is slightly different. After getting past the payment screen I get this. I’ve tried visa and master card as well as on iOS 10 and Windows 10 on safari and chrome and IE. Nothing works for me.

Can anyone help?

Double check that the information you’re providing (name, address, card security code, etc) exactly matches what your bank has on-file. If it is correct, probably time to email support@.

FDS should really implement the option to extend subscription through the app.

I think the main issue to that is apple. I am not sure if it would let them do that.

You can’t use I tunes Gift Card. Just Debit/Credit and Debit card gift cards.

Your main issue is Apple. As an Apple customer and user, I have found Apple gets confused when you buy the same thing at the same time multiple times. That should be your issue

For those wishing to purchase multiple subscriptions it must be done only through Infinite Flight’s website. infinite-flight.com From there you can only use the methods that Chris mentioned earlier. That’s it…nothing else. You cannot purchase multiple subscriptions from within the app. iTunes gift cards will not work. Once you buy a subscription ensure that it went through and you recognize your new expiration date. If you choose to purchase another subscription on top of that repeat the same payment process. It’s fairly straightforward. 😉


Yeah I wish FDS could remove the error, or have a “Continue” button. I think they have implemented it in case people think the payment hasn’t gone through for a subscription they have purchased, and then they go to buy another subscription. But for some reason the IF website doesn’t have this warning :/

How do I contact support? I tried multiple emails including the one I have registered with my credit card issuing bank. Nothing works.

Hi there, please continue discussing your issue in another support topic. This thread is only for resolving my issue. Thanks a bunch.