Purchasing Individual Liveries

I think the user should be able to purchase individual liveries rather than the all of them that come with an aircraft. Sometimes I question purchasing an aircraft just because I wonder if I’ll fly all the liveries.

And someone can move this to features by the way

Moved it to Features! :)

And I agree with you! Maybe it will be cheaper to buy just that 1 livery? Maybe like £0.79? Or something like that

Exactly…At least someone else feels this way too!

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How much were you thinking. I mean it seems a little over the top, since we do already spend quite a lot purchasing the content. In a way it seems fair but I’m not 100% sure people would agree.

I didn’t really think of an exact amount…maybe 10-20 cents for each livery? I don’t even know if that’s reasonable or not

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I am going to be honest. This is a not so great idea. We have people complaining that they want things free, and then the Developers go and add more things to purchase? Why create an issue when you can just avoid more complaints. Not fair for the developers or the fans.

I vote no for this.


I don’t want them to be free, and I KNOW they can’t be free or else the devs would have no money to operate with. I just want to be able to buy certain liveries without having to buy ALL of them. However, buying all of them is still perfectly fine with me. :)

The devs (IMHO) wouldn’t really like people flying a Dash 8 in Genaric they worked hard for just for 10 cents.


Why would you pay for each livery when you could get all of them for (assumably) the same price?

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I guess like X-Plane, we could have individual livery packs for purchase. The developers could get a lot of money…


Yeah…there are plenty of ups and downs that could affect Infinite Flight in very different ways…

This topic is a bit duplicate)


@v_berezh He is asking for INDIVIDUAL liveries, not a pack of them.


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