Purchasing IF through iPhone (Indonesia)

Is there anyone who lives or from indonesia that knows how to purchase Infinite Flight in the Appstore Cos I’m having a hard time.

I previously used Android, but know I recently switched platforms.

Thanks In advance.

Please Pm me if you know how to purchase it.
I really appreciate your help

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I’d imagine it’d be the same as anywhere else, but I know @george lives near there :)


I will try to contact him, thank you for the suggestion.

Switching platforms means you would have to repurchase everything has far as I’m aware. There’s not really a way to transfer it all over.

I’m aware that, I use my google account for live pro. Although I bought If assistant and couple other add-ons is really hard to purchase all over again. ☹️

Those are the things to consider when switching different platforms. Although for your question, for all iPhones, you should be able to access the App Store and type “Infinite Flight” in the search bar

Thank you @George for the help, mods close it.