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I don’t know if this is an Infinite Flight issue or not, but when I try to hit Purchase Pro version, it doesn’t allow me to. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone, and it has Family Link parental controls on it. Now, with those controls, I cannot purchase the pro version. Even after fixing the parental controls the way it tells me to, I still cannot purchase anything. Let me know if this is a bug for Android users with parental controls, or if it is simply an issue with the controls instead. Thank you for the assistance!

Put this under the support tag.

I was going to but then I read something about what support was for and then I changed my mind. I shouldn’t have though

Maybe check to make sure your phone allows you to make purchases in the settings menu. I don’t have a Samsung but I remember I also could not purchase pro until in-app purchases were allowed through settings.

I hope this helps :)

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately this isn’t something we have any control over.
There’s been a few cases of this in the past which I’ve handled and we’ve checked everything we can from our end, but there’s nothing we can change or fix on our end in Play Store.

I would advise you to contact Play Store Support in this case, unless anyone else in here knows what it’s about :)

Okay I will, thank you very much.

It can be related to your region, some countries don’t allow purchases from Google or Apple stores due to political reasons.

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