Purchasing for multiple devices

Hi all, I was looking at putting IF on my tablet. Currently have it on my phone and figured it couldn’t hurt. My phone and my tablet use the same Google account, so when I go to the play store it will allow me to download the game to my tablet without paying for it (since I already bought it on my phone with that account). I just wanted to know what your opinions are on whether I should do this or use a different account.

I really enjoy IF and wouldn’t mind paying another $5, I just don’t want to have to pay for another Live plus aircrafts or Live+ on a separate account. Couldn’t find anything on this when I searched so if there is something I’m sorry.

Unfortunately, you can’t switch from, lets say, from an Iphone to an Android tablet

If you are going from an android phone to android tablet it should be no problem, but if you have an i phone to an android tablet… Sorry.

Are you talking about downloading another copy of IF to give them another $5? I guess you could, no problem with doing that AFAIK

Well I’m debating on doing the Live+, so I guess my main concern is having to get it on both devices (both are android). I wouldn’t mind spending the $5 again for the app but I can’t spend $50 on both.

I know I CAN download it under my current account using the other device. I think it’s more of a SHOULD I download it. Maybe I’m just over thinking it but do you guys view this as “I bought it so it’s mine no matter the device” or should it be a per device product.

For the same account I’d say

In my view, it’s perfectly fine to download on multiple devices. If you wanted to support the devs with you extra dough, try a month of live :)

just my view.

I have just bought an iPad and have installed IF. Now I use two devices. Works fine. I do not see any issues in terms of another subscription is the correct thing to do morally.

In another thread folks were asked to buy a Flight Cast shirt. That’s something I consider to show support :)

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