Purchasing a live subscription

I got a 50 dollar Itunes gift card to get live+ now I have 53.58. I went to go buy it and it says insufficient funds yet I have 53 dollars and it cost 50 bucks. WHYYY?

Did you activate your gift card for your iTunes account? Can you verify that your funds are over $50?

Yep says 53.58

Hmm. Try restarting your device and Infinite Flight.

We’re talking about American dollars, correct?

Yes US dollars

Are you purchasing live via the game or via the website?

Through game

Have you added the gift card code to the app store yet ?

Yes of course

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When I purchased my subscription, an extra fee was added to it. Maybe you don’t have enough money to cover that small fee.

3 dollars. If that is the case how was I suppose to know. Wasting my money they have to disclose that in the buy page.

Well there are taxes and such in the US so it’s not really an unexpected fee.

Thats stupid if someone buys a 50 dollar gift card thats it they cant expect someone to buy to buy another 15 dollar gift card

How am I supposed to get that extra money unless I buy another 15 dollar gift card

Try to buy directly from FDS website

Can I get a link

I cant do it because I cant use Itunes gift card funds

You can’t use iTunes gift cards on the direct website. :)