My restore purchases won’t work I press it and it does nothing, what is wrong?

You’re signed in with the wrong Apple-ID/Google Account?


No I’m on the one I bought planes from

So, what happens when you press the button? What does it say next to the orange download button?

Firstly can you list your device,OS and IF version
Some possible fixes I can think of are restarting your device,
unistaling and reinstalling IF,
log in/log out of your IF account and even your Apple account.

Also please read this;


The came happened to me I deleted the app and reinstalled it and then pressed restore purchases and then it restored all my purchases


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I have experience with redownloading infinite flight. Try selecting the planes you’ve bought and check if it says ‘download’ or ‘4.99’ or something like that. The icon of the aircraft will remain orange.

I’ve used apple IOS 10 and IF latest version. Works fine for me.

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Sometimes when my brother deletes the app on acedent it doesn’t work but i usually shut down my device and restart and it works usually but sometimes it doesn’t so just delete and restart the app that usually works

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