How can you find out how many purchases you have made?
Would like the free 737 bbj ( with 20 purchases )
And want to know if I am close to that. ( I think I am )

Sorry what you on about? If you buy yearly subscription you get all the regions and all the aircrafts to download. It cost $49.99

Yes I know if you buy year subscription you unlock all.
But I have not.
But if you buy 20 in app purchases I.e planes and regions you get the bbj free.
I had this sim well before live went active, and there was no option to unlock everything with a yearly subscription.
So I had to buy planes and regions separate.
I am just wondering if there is away to see how many purchases (separate ones) I had made.

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Apple invoice? That’s my best bet, unless someone knows better way.

Yea, thought the same…but that’s a pain in the &£#%
Thought there may have been an easier way.

Also, for 20 purchases, you get SOFIA, a 747SP for NASA.

He was waiting for serious answer. I can’t believe someone couldn’t help him out yet.

Probably easiest to just go along and count them all on the game

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I think a monthly $4.99 subscription also counts as a “purchase”. I haven’t bought an aircraft or region for ages, yet after renewing my monthly subscription a few weeks ago the 737 BBJ was suddenly available !

On a slight diversion, anyone know what BBJ stands for ?


Monthly subscriptions do not count. Only aircraft and regions.
BBJ is Boeing Business Jet

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