Purchases working only online

I am new to infinite flight, so i dont know much.
Its regarding the purchases i have done which only seem to work offline not online.
I dont know whats the issue, whether there is an error on the app or it could be made like this.
I even have the purchace reciepts but the purchase only seem to be working online.
Could someone help.

This may be helpful -

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Did you purchase live plus? Is that what you are talking about.

Make sure you have strong and reliable internet connection and give time for the purchase to fully download. This is a known issue and that’s the basic step to try to fix the issue.

Press Fly Solo –> Restore Purchases –> Download the ones you purchased and you should be good.

I used to have this problem. You have to sign out of live when you go offline in order to get the aircraft you purchased. Just sign out, and you’ll be able to play them.

Hope this helps :)

That should not be necessary at all. You should try the steps mentioned in this topic too.

Thats what fixed it when it didn’t work for me. You can just relogin into live when you are online again.

I have never had to. It’s an issue and I personally don’t know what causes it but yeah everything should stay regardless.

No only live for one month

And i purchased one plane

Wow It worked. Thanks

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