Purchases Not Restored.

I got my new S10+ from my S9+ and I reinstalled Infinite Flight and I bought the 737-800, 787-9 and Dash-8 in 2016 but now I see that a Pro Subscription is Required so I basically lost my money that I paid?

Yeah, I think.

Make sure you are logged into the same IF account as before and then hit “restore purchases”. You should get your planes back

Thank you for contacting support!

All App Stores selling Infinite Flight and it’s associated in-app purchases allow for downloading without repurchasing after an item has been paid for. If you’re an Android user your previous purchases will automatically be unlocked when you download the app. Apple users must open the aircraft selection page, then tap “Restore Purchases” to access any purchased regions and aircraft. To ensure success, please check the following:

  • You have used the same App Store account and ID as the original purchase.
  • You have not been previously refunded.
  • You are not using any IAP hacking programs.

Note: If none of the above are applicable, a simple uninstall / reinstall often resolves the issue.

If a prior in-app purchase vanishes from your app inventory, the same policy will apply. You can’t be charged again. Please contact your respective App Store if you have any further issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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