Purchases Gone?

After uninstalling the app accidentally, all my purchases have disappeared - the button doesn’t work so I have no way to get them back.

If you hit restore in-app purchases it should work, if that does not work hit buy, it shouldn’t charge you if you already have the receipt. But before doing this make sure you contact the dev’s and IF support on their main support page!

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately neither have worked - it was only a couple of planes and London areas so it’s not a huge problem.

If your device is an apple one then just repurchase the item and it will tell you that you’ve already purchased the item and the I would give the plane/region back to you for free.

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Your purchased items can be reinstalled at any time without being charged again as long as you use the very same account ID, and had no refund. Apple will still require you to go through the purchase process again and appear as though they will charge you. However following that through all the way will result in a follow up message telling you the item was already purchased and can be downloaded again for free. It’s a very strange process, but that’s how Apple does it.

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