Purchases from last update

I purchased the f22 and 767 on iOS before you needed a pro subscription (this happened in 2015). I’ve tried doing the restore purchases but nothing happens.

Try reinstalling, restarting device and everything you can think of and I guarantee, if you are using the same account that you got the 767 and F-22 on, you will be able to fly them with no Pro sub. Why you don’t have one is beyond me, but check back if you still can’t get your stuff

Still can’t get it. Even after reinstalling and restarting several times.

Well you got them in 2015, long time ago but are can you remember if you’re still using the same iTunes/Google Play account?

It might not be because it was on a different device (iPad) and I didn’t have an Apple ID yet.

You can’t make any purchases without an Apple-ID.

If it’s on a different Apple-ID though, there’s not much that can be done from our end. You might be able to get Apple to help transferring the purchases to your new Apple-ID, but it’s not certain they will.

Have you verified in any way that you have purchased them? Do you have any receipts or purchase history you can access to verify you have indeed purchased them?

Yes I did purchase them. They showed on the last device I had IF on. But not this one. I’ll see about the getting the purchases transferred. Thanks fo the help.