Purchases are gone after reauthenticating

Sorry if there is a typo in the heading.

When It reaunthicates me, and I cancel it, suddenly all my purchases disappear!
iPad Mini 1 ios9 no third party apps

its because you pressed cancel

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If this is a bug, could we fix it in the MD11 update? Because I have had this bug since the early days of live.

Oh, I thought MD11 was first… back on topic!

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Just deleting my post so I don’t start speculation.

Thanks for contacting support! Please provide a little more information. So you’re signing in, hit cancel, then your purchases do not appear?

Are you on a strong connection? Have you let the authentication compete? Getting an error message?

We’ll get this resolved for you!


Yeah I did but I don’t think that’s the solution

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My connection is okay, and I don’t let it fully load

Let it fully load, of course everything go haywire if you cancel the authentication? So,

Don’t press cancel.


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