Purchased planes dissapering

I uninstalled the app and installed it again and when I returned the planes I purchased weren’t unlocked. I know you guys are probably really busy but please help!

Re-installing forces you to restore purchases or try to download them again. They do not automatically come back after a re-install.


It says I still have to purchase them?

This happend for me but mine said to update my planes

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What version are you on? (Main screen, about, version in top corner)
Did you press “Restore Purchases”?
Are you using the same login as previously?

I’m on debug build (pre global) I used the exact same login as before

I think I am seeing something similar. The actual problem is that even though planes have been purchased, they still have the little padlock icon next to them.

I had used the pre-global version of IF and purchased several planes. After installed the new update, I used Restore Purchases. None of the padlock icons disappeared. However, if I tap on a previously purchased plane, it has a Download button which works fine.

Where can I restore purchases?

There’s a button on the screen where you choose your aircraft.

I was reading this Support issue. I literally have the same problem. I purchased a lot of planes by itself. Then I deleted it and I got Infinite Flight again. It’s sad that I wasted all of that money. Now I only buy the cheapest subscription; $10 which includes all access to all planes. I still won’t forget all my money that I wasted.

Please PM with your display name and callsign so I can check out your purchase history. Cheers!