Purchased plane removed from game.

I bought a 787 plane for £3.99 on this game with my pocket money. My plane has now been removed from the game with different models. Can you please either give me my plane back that I paid for or give me my money back to buy a new plane.

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Did you restore purchases?, and what do you mean removed it’s still there. Do you mean liveries?, if so which ones.

Which 787 model? What device are you using? did this happen after the hotfix today?

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What do you mean with removed? Have you tried to restore the purchases?

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Press restore purchases

Please connect again and tried with your I’d so u will see the changement .

Before the liveries were added there was just a boing 787 . There was no 787-10 etc I now no longer have my purchased 787 how do I get it back. I never restored purchases.

The old 787 wasn’t paid

that plane was free…

The old one was free, there was never any purchase necessary.

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I have a very strong feeling this is a troll post, can a moderator please close.

The old one was free, the new one costs money.