Purchased Live+ but Subscription Not Found

Can someone help me please? I just purchased Live+ for Christmas and it says the sub hasn’t been found. Please help.

iPhone 5s iOS 10.2
Infinite Flight V 16.12.0


Try deleting the app and reinstalling. Are you using the same account you bough Live + with?

If it’s doesn’t worked try to restart your phone.

I only have but one account.

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@Chatta290 @Ousman neither worked.


@david is the guy to go with

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Do you have a screenshot? Something similar happened to me the other day. :-)

What should I screenshot specifically?

Of the message saying that the sub wasn’t found on IF

Hi! As a regular you should slowly know how everything works here. Please respect the guidelines so your issue can be solved faster. Here are the procedure you should follow. Thanks for your understanding and Merry Christmas! :)


Take a screenshot and show as thanks.

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I sent him a PM.

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The subscription finally showed up. I don’t know what the hell happened, but as long as I can fly on Live again, I’m okay 🤣


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