Purchased Aircraft

I’ve bought some aircrafts in 2 different email accounts last time when the buying aircraft option was still available. But now when i try to log in both the accounts, i can only get one of the account’s planes that ive bought. Is there any other way to get the aircrafts i bought in bith the accounts?

If you have purchased different aircraft using seperate accounts, you will only be able to use the aircraft from whichever account you are logged into. Unfortunately there is no way to combine these purchases into one account.

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Before the recent updates, i was able to get the aircraft of both accounts by logging in both accounts after one another… but i cant do it now?

What is stopping you from doing it now? Is there an error message?

Have you tried pressing the “restore purchases” on the aircraft selection?

where can i find the restore purchase button?

It’s not available on Android. So it depends on what system you are using?

I dont know. There was no message or anything. When i download the game with one of the email, ill get the planes that ive bought… but then when i log in to another email, the planes ive purchased on that email wont be available

Ohhh So means ill have to wait for an update? Im using note 9…

No, the button isn’t there because Android restore purchases automatically.
The problem here is that you’ve made purchases on different accounts, obviously. Have you tried restarting the device after changing the email to the one that the missing purchases are on?

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Oh!! Nope but ill try now. But it should work right in getting the aircrafts from the both account

Generally, I wouldn’t say it should. Neither the app or Play Store is really designed to work like that.

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