Purchased aircraft randomly being disabled

I recently purchased the ERJ 190, 773, Dash 8 and A340 on Infinite Flight. I download them all, and then go offline on my iPad. I played for around two hours, until my Dash 8s rear gear leg that touched down first (crosswind landings) starting sinking into the ground and left me scrapping along on my engine. I closed and reopened the app, and suddenly all the aircraft I had just bought had been deleted of my device and where showing that they were not downloaded or bought! It may have done it when I changed the time zone.

How can I stop this from happening again? I’m going away soon and I can’t have them randomly deleting as I won’t have wifi for around a month… :(

Connecting to the wifi and tapping on restore purchases unlocks the aircraft and they are still downloaded.

UPDATE: I think I found the problem: I changed my time zone, and when I went back to the app I think the aircraft were locked. I think this may be because the app my have a glitch where it thinks that my live subscription (which I don’t have) ran out. I think that when I tap on restore purchases that they will appear al, downloaded, but when I change the times one they will lock again.
EDIT: Not that…


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Found out the problem! I tap on restore purchases whilst on wifi, I then close the app and switch off wifi. I open it again and the aircraft say that they are not purchased. Please fix this glitch!

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I haven’t solved it, I just found out what is happening. As long as you don’t close the app when offline, the aircraft stay there. But I’m hoping this glitch will be fixe soon. I also contacted the people at IF through the contacts page.

Now being offline means I can’t play them… Anyone also got this problem?

There was once where I was going to play with the Q400, I went to the loading screen, then it crashed. After that it said that I had to download it again (but not pay). But I think this is a different problem. It doesn’t happen anymore though.

It’s not a glitch, purchased/purchases don’t load when not connected to Internet.

They do for me.

You probably have LTE like I do. When I go in the subway or drive through the mountains where there’s no signal I have this problem, but it’s normal.

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Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me. Is there no way I can play them offline? If so, how do I get a refund?


Do you know if this will be rectified/changed so that I can play with the, offline?

So what aircraft do you play when your offline? Just the free ones? I was able to play with my payware aircraft on a flight without being online…

What device are you using?

What I would recommend:

1: Open the app while connected to wifi.

2: Do not switch wifi off, and then when you’re away from wifi (by that, I mean when you have no signal), open the app and see if it does it again.

I do this all the time with my Android, and I have no problems.


You can’t purchase anything or use a purchase when not connected to at least LTE.

Just contacted IF on Twitter: https://twitter.com/giacomolaw/status/756532712312274945

They said that it should be available without internet, and also said that they will look to fix it in the next update. 😄 Hope this happens soon! :smiley:

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