Purchased 2 Live+

Hello, I have some question about buying a year’s Fly online

Last week, I purchased a year fly online, I careless twice the payment process, and afterwards also found that the account is deducted twice payments, but after i open the game, found to be effective for only one year of the date of fly online.

This will arrange a refund or to extend the effective date?

It will give you 13 months of live. Just buy it now, and finish your current subscription, and then you will have an additional Live+ Subscription!

Thank you for your help !🙏🏻

Hello :)
If I understood you well you bought two Live+ (for one year) subscriptions. The reason why it shows only one year in the simulator is because you can’t add a subscription on the top of another one which means it don’t extend. You could request a refund here:
https://support.google.com/googleplay/contact/play_request_refund_apps?ctx=about_refunds_on_google_play&rd=1 (for Android)
https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ (for iOS)
Have a nice day :)

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That isn’t true, it doesn’t roll over. If you buy a year subscription, exactly from the moment of purchase a full 12 months is added and your previous subscription is revoked.

Thanks for your help, I have already iTunes Store request a refund.

Good day👍🏻


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