Hey I purchased a 777 a long time ago and I just re Downloaded the app to fix the brakes thing for pushback bug and now I can’t download the 777 wants me to buy again and yes I have tried to do the restore purchases please help

PS if I posted this in the wrong place sorry

Have you signed into the account where you bought the 777. Because if you didn’t then it would do that.

You can contact Flying Development Studio support via email. If anything of what you tried didn’t work.

he already did that

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Yes I am sure I’m on the correct account

Btw there is a few devs away ATM so you might have to wait for a response

Have you tried using the restore purchases? If you have legitimately bought it it should never go away especially if it’s on iOS. If you’re being honest, fine, I hope you find a solution, but I have a suspicion…

Couldn’t think of a title to make it more understandable

I don’t see any info about the device or what store was used?
So I have to reply in general.
For each store, you cannot be charged twice for the same purchase (except Live subs) if you use the exact same store account ID, and were not refunded.
Apples strange verification process looks as though they are trying to charge you for a reinstallation of a previously purchased item, but won’t unless the item was refunded. If it wasn’t refunded, then accept the purchase and they will follow up with another message telling you the item is already yours and can be downloaded again for free.

If the device is rooted or Jailbroken or has any hack installed, the above may not apply.

Yes I have tried restore purchases and I got all my other planes back excluding the 777

@david I see your pint here but when I click the restore purchases on my iphone all of the other planes I bought change to download rather than still saying 4.99 like on the 777

I’m not sure how else to explain this? Sorry if I’m confusing you.
It all boils down to this. If there’s a price shown for an aircraft you had previously purchased, just accept that and iTunes will follow with another message telling you the items already owned and can be downloaded again for free. If that message doesn’t show and you get charged, that’s only possible when the items was either not purchased yet, or was purchased using a different iTunes ID or it was purchased, but then refunded.

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Please direct people HERE for instructions on how to best make support requests.

Thank you.

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I already have 30 days subscription, i pay with cc in 4 sept 2016, is mean my subscription expored in 4 october. But, when im try to play online IF my subscription is lost?

Are you sure your on the correct account of purchase
Md try hitting that restore purchase button

Yes…im never change my account. I dont know why its happen. But today with touch id i renew my subscription and expired in 27 october. IF must taking care about this problem :(

For issues with your Live subscription or other urgent issues needing support please first click and read About the Support category and follow the instructions to the best path for help.
Private information is needed, so for your protection I cannot help you in the open support category.

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