Purchase on a different Apple ID

Having a question, I payed live 2 years ago, now I want to pay it again since global flight will be here soon. But I m on a different Apple ID the one I purchased infinite flight, can I still buy or pay live and airplanes with the Apple ID that’s not the one I purchased infinite flight?
(1) you can only purchase live or airplanes on the one you bought infinite flight game
(2) you can purchase live or airplanes on any Apple ID as long as you got money
(3) you can buy planes but you can’t purchase live on other Apple ID
Plz answer thanks

You can, as long you use the same Facebook/Google+ for your Live in the past

Apple ID only affects purchases such as Region/Aircrafts

So you can buy your Live again, but not with the aircrafts

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If you use a different Apple ID on infinite flight, you will not get the planes you purchased on the other account. Sorry.

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No. The IAP’s are connected to your Apple ID. Neither of the alternatives are correct.

However, if you want to confuse the hell out of yourself you might be able to buy the app with one Apple-ID, the IAP’s with another and then another for Live. It would probably work, at least for a while. Sounds like quite a mess though.

Short answer: One Apple-ID. No more, no less.


All iTunes purchases,(apps and IAPs) are exclusive to the one used for the purchase. If you purchase the app with one ID, you will only be able to make content purchases with that same ID for that same device.

You could set up Family Share, it works for only Apps, no IAPs can be shared. Per Apples policy.

A Live subscription can be signed into regardless of where it was purchased. You only need to make sure that the device used to make the purchase is not currently logged in to the same Live profile, then you can log in on any device with a valid copy of Infinite Flight.

To avoid any confusion or headache, I would recommend using only one Apple ID for all of your Apps and content purchases. You never know when a detail might slip your mind and find yourself unsure or unable to access various purchases. Its up to you of course, I don’t judge. Its just a friendly suggestion. :)


Sorry I didn’t know it was you, wow it 's my pleasure to see you. Thank you for answering this question for me. And keep up the good work, I did buy live+ again and thank you for all of your team.