Purchase made on wrong account and money debited

Getting this error. I no longer use ios Shifted to Android sub is going to expire

I no longer use IOS

This is inaccurate in every single way. Subscriptions can be used on both platforms if the account is linked.

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The issue is that you can’t manage your subscription from a different platform than it was purchased on.

If you bought on iOS and wish to cancel or change it in some way, you need to do that from an iOS device signed in with your Apple-ID or via iTunes.

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@schyllberg the amount was deducted from my account but went to another account where I am Grade 1 and 0 hours but I am grade 5 now with almost 10000 hours

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I have even dropped an email at support@infiniteflight.com

I’m on the other end of that email :)

If you’ve recently purchased a subscription and it’s inadvertently been applied to the wrong account, please get back to us with the following information:

  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the wrong account on which the subscription has been applied to.

  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the account that you wish the subscription to be applied to.

Have reverted via email the following details

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