Purchase by Apple gift card

I charged 15 dollars of Apple gift card for one month live mode. I don’t have credit or debit card so i selected none for my purchase information. When i try to purchase one month live mode, the page keep said that i have to change my purchase information. How can I purchase it?

Are you sure you have enough money to get the One Month Live?

You will need to add a credit card to your Apple account or have sufficient money in your account to make the purchase

First go to your App Store account, update if any information needed, add your gift card code then try again.

That’s an issue with the Apple Store.

You have to have a valid card on file whether you intend to use it or not. There’s nothing IF can do about their rules.

I already did by same way last month. I charged by apple gift card and purchased for a moth live mode.

Try this,

Yes there all turned allow

Do you need tax for mode move?

Sorry what you mean tax? Could you say how much is the gift card in your currency and how much is it says for 1 month pro subscription in your currency?

Have you added the gift card into your account? Take a screen shot. Don’t forget to mask your name and email. Also post screen shot of pro subscription window. Post them here that would give better picture of what’s wrong.

If you don’t have an outstanding balance, skip to the second one of these sets of steps (setting your payment method to none).

I can send only one picture for once. I will sent another picture right after this

Did you try the steps for the App Store payment verification linked to above? (Yes, I do realize the gift card covers it, but Apple still requires something entered there, gift card balance or no. Apple, not IF.)

It doesn’t work. It was already at none.

What error message are you getting?

I don’t have credit or debit card so I selected none for payment method in purchase method information. And I charged 15 dollars by Apple gift card for purchase 13.49 dollars of one month live mode. When i try to purchase one month live mode from infinite flight app, it said i have to change purchase method. How can I purchase it by the gift card?

Right, so, as I said, this is an App Store Issue.

If it’s popping up the message that says “verification required”, it means either you have an outstanding balance in your purchase history, or you’ll have to re-set the none method of payment following the steps provided.

If those aren’t working, you need to contact Apple. IF isn’t going to be able to fix the rules in place for making purchases through the App Store. Only Apple can do that.

I bet the $15 won’t cover the cost with tax.