Purchase 20 items het thé plane Free?

How you even van het the plane even Free since you need a pro subscription, dies it mean that you need to buy a pro subscription 20 times?


No, you don’t have to buy a subscription 20 times to get this aircraft. You will get it with any subscription you buy.

It’s probably from the old system. It refers to the old in-app purchases that we had before the 18.2 update.


Hi Tibo,

Like Starley mentioned, with the new pricing model, individual purchases have been removed and this is one of those aircraft that needs the wording “reworded”. The “purchase 20 items” was something that was required in previous Infinite Flight Versions prior to 18.2. You may also find that the 737BBJ is in the same situation. With that being said the 20 sub purchases are not needed. Once you purchase any subscription, all aircraft and features that lie within Live will be available to you.

Thanks for bringing this up!