Purchasable Regions on IF

Hi forum! I have an idea. There should be purchasable regions on IF. When we end our pro subscription there are limited regions and Limited aircrafts that we can fly so these regions can be countries (Turkey,England,USA, etc.), multiple islands(Honolulu).
Prices can be higher of lower by region. And regions can be with you forever!

I don’t see this going anywhere at all.
They put global for a reason.
I don’t see a reason for purchasing regions arround the world as it would not produce any economic benefit for IF.
You can satisfy this by purchasing a global subscription
With global you have access to any place in the world.

Good luck with your request!


Hello! 👋🏻

Check this out… Pretty nice eh? Go vote

But as everyone else will say… Global came for a reason 😉

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The point of Global was to get rid of the regions. And this is a Duplicate.


The important thing you dont need to buy All world and online. Just want to fly your own country for domestic flights.

The problem is there are limited aircraft and scenery for a reason. They want you to pay a lot extra to get the whole thing, but they might just lose money if they implemented this idea.
I kinda see where this idea could potentially go. What if people only payed for the regions they flew in? Like, as they flew through, they pay to use that region for a certain amount of time. (smaller regions, but not as small as pre-global) That might not seem too bad economically. (btw is there a feature request for my adaptation?)

That wouldn’t work out for FDS since they need to make a profit, getting the world onto your phone isn’t cheap. They cant give you big regions around the world. Otherwise Nobody would buy Global and lets please continue this in a PM @ofkarakulah @racerclc

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Am I the only one not seeing this as a duplicate?
While I agree it defeats the purpose of global, isn’t there a difference between having more regions available and being able to download them for offline use?

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No I don’t think there is one for yours

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I dont know the key words of this topic so i created this. How would i know this is a duplicate 😥

Search of something related
Maybe your title

Looks like Balloon boy linked some nice topics. Feel free to take a peek at those. 🌎