Punta Cana Terrain Problem


Not new to IF or the forums but this will be my first post!

I was flying into Punta Cana today from KATL, but as I was approaching, I noticed that the terrain wasn’t HD. I was somewhat disappointed because I knew that most of the Caribbean Islands were HD scenery. I followed the ILS into runway 09, however to my surprise, the airport just simply never showed on my screen. I tried to use the ILS approach to land but somehow crashed through the terrain with nothing but a black screen. I reloaded the app to find HD scenery on the single player mode, so I was obviously disappointed with what I’d just gone through.

Pretty sad ending to a 3hr short haul for my VA, so I just wanted to know what the deal was with this. Pics below


What you experienced is corrupt terrain. Be sure to restart your device before flights and if it is still an issue delete the app and reinstall.