Punishment Without Reason

Hello, I want to make a report now at this moment I want to appeal this punishment that I took that I took a ghost … I was arriving in Santiago de Chile, I contacted ATC APROACH he was asking to contact Santiago Airport later I was contacting there and nothing response and taking notices for me to contact and no sign of contact … Until the moment I take a Ghost … Not knowing what it was to do everything else … Just below is the print


@itzKeineer was your controller. Send him a PM! ;)

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Please contact your controller and they can help you sort this out.


yes I was waiting for this one, we can close topic :)


For future reference, please consult this guide:

What do u mean by waiting

I want answers of this punishment

You need to reply to @itzKeineer to get answers… I wasn’t your controller.

I was your approach controller. We can get into a DM with you and your tower controller after our session to discuss.


I want answers of this punishment

The controller will contact you via Private Message.

I think you’re the wrong controller

Yep. Like the others said, send the controller a PM. To comment, in this case I usually wouldn’t request a landing when I’m 15NM away from the airport and above 5k ft. I usually request when I’m like 5 or 6 NM away. Plus did the approach frequency give you vectors and clear you for the approach before you switched to tower?

No, he was approach, I´m Tower.

Please dont interfere.

I’m not trying to but it shows your username.

Sorry for interfering

How was I supposed to know? I was turning left to get out of the aircraft path

@itzKeineer is the controller, they will send you a message once they close.


In general, please just flag topics regarding reports/violations. Many of the comments these topics get are helpful, but any confusion (however accidental) can be hard to undo. Flagging is the best way to help.