Punishment for tailgating while taxiing

We all know how annoying it is when someone is tailgating you down a taxiway? Because it’s a ridiculous issue in the expert server. Often these people will taxi behind you at high speeds then try to stop using the parking brake. How infuriating is it watching people use the parking brake to stop their aircraft! I think there should be violations handed out for taxiing unrealistically close to others. Because it causes a lot of collisions and undermines the (mostly) realistic nature of the Expert Server. For example if someone breaches a set gap between aircraft at a certain speed, they receive a stern warning in game. Do it again and they receive a violation. If they rank up 2 violations then they get ghosted in game and go back to Level 2 and are forced to fly in training server.

Let me know what you think of this issue and how we can combat it to preserve realism.


This is an actually a reporting offence “getting to close to another aircraft”. If you feel someone is deliberately breaking the rules on Expert Server, contact a moderator


Oh I didn’t realise that

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It’s one of my pet hates when using expert server. Plane tailgating you, taxing at high unrealistic speeds, I always try and not exceed 20 knots while taxiing unless there’s a long taxiway ahead
There’s plenty of inexperienced pilots out there, the criteria for entry to expert Server is not very high and so that’s what you get sometimes unfortunately


If a person taxies too close to someone, he will get “maintain safe distance with the aircraft ahead” straight from the Misc. menu. If he decides to go straight through - that’s a violation straight away.
As for stopping with the parking brake - you probably misread the name, it’s Infinite Flight Community, not X-Plane forum. Expert is about the respect between players, not realism. I could go on forever about this, but I might as well save my time and just forward you to this topic: Realism culture


This isn’t necessarily true at all, if someone makes contact with another aircraft they will be reported.

Since this is not the real-world though we are at the mercy of our devices, aircraft render at the same speed for controllers as it does for pilots. Aircraft vary in size. The instances were someone may clip someone slightly, it may be difficult for the controller to confirm they saw it. We don’t like reversing due to an error on our end because we thought we saw something. But if we see it they will be gone.


I can agree with you on some of this. The other half is a little too extreme. I mean if they are in a Southwest jet. They have to be as realistic as possible. It’s a mobile game, their could be a number of reasons why this stuff happens. I feel like that should be taken into account before they are ghosted.

This would be incredibly unfair. What happens if someone loses connection to the server and reconnects only to find themselves ghosted from the server because of something they can’t control? A lot of people will get upset.

The issue is that with server lag what you see and what ATC sees might be slightly different. Also when beta is going on some people show as white boxes which causes more problems.
The 20 kts thing is just what planes taxi at when the airport is busy. IF airports are usually empty hence everyone just taxies at 30. I actually get quite annoyed when someone in front of me is really slow. BTW enforcing a slower speed would require ATC to give level 1 violations which just distracts the ATC.

A couple thoughts…

  1. This would probably be better as a feature request, that way we could vote for it an it may get noticed and this system or something similar to it may be implemented in Infinite Flight!

  2. Some people use Infinite Flight on older devices and when flying reworked aircraft have to have aircraft settings on ‘Low’ or in some cases ‘None’ for their device to perform with as little lag as possible or even run Infinite Flight at all. Because of this, they are sometimes forced to rely on their best guess as to where the aircraft in front is as they’ll only show is a white box.

  3. Some people, if they’re new to aviation like we all were at some point, myself included (I recall times, years ago, where I wanted to be one aircraft ahead to takeoff and would taxi up right under the elevator of the aircraft in front.), legitimately don’t know how far back to taxi. IFATC already have the ‘maintain safe distance with aircraft ahead please’ which is effective in getting the point across and if the pilot in question legitimately doesn’t know, it lets them know that they are indeed too close. I don’t think a ‘stern warning’ would be necessary at this point. But if they are doing it intentionally for whatever reason and they don’t back off, the there really isn’t anything that can be done.

  4. Adding on to the point above, as a pilot, you have the option to brake check the aircraft that’s tailgating you so that they’re forced to slow down… that is unless they prefer to visit the Training Server.

Just some late night thoughts I had that I wanted to add, hope this was constructive to your idea as I would have to agree, it’s annoying when an aircraft taxis so close they can smell the APU exhaust or see the bolts on the rudder and elevators.

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I completely agree!

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