Pune Airport/ VAPO Needs Rework

Pune Airport Needs Severe Rework, It Is My Second Home Airport, that Is Why I Need Pune Airport Rework. Right Now In Infinite Flight, Pune Airport Has 2 Runways And There Is No Parking! Please Do A Rework! But In Real Life, Here’s A Summary From Wikipedia At Least, Pune Airport has a 2535m long runway oriented 10/28. A former secondary runway is now used as a taxiway by the IAF. A 2200m x 23m parallel taxiway was constructed by AAI to facilitate civil operation on the southern side of Rwy 10/28. The airfield is equipped with night landing facilities as well as navigational facilities like [DVOR] As Pune’s Air Traffic Control is operated by the IAF,[[4]] there is often friction between the AAI and the IAF over flight schedules and night landings. There is currently a basic working relationship between the two parties; they have agreed to allow night landings of civilian flights for the time being, though this is not a long-term solution. Please Rework Pune Airport/ VAPO Please!



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Edit: I’ve just been informed that VAPO is currently being re done.