Pulsing motion after 21.1 update

Hi, I’m worried that I’m experiencing an annoying change in the way I see motion now… After the update I have a pulsing sort of movement, on the ground its a push forward then slower, then faster again. This occurs on all ground surfaces and in the air, although visually its not very noticeable at higher altitudes, but it is an issue nearer the ground.

This also impacts the HUD instruments in flight, like the altimeter motion, so it looks like some kind of graphics issue.

I had very smooth movement before the update on the same device.

No settings changes make any difference, including graphics quality, FPS, building density and clouds. It makes no difference whether there are buildings or not either. Also cleared scenery cache.

So it doesn’t seem to be a typical lag type of issue, because I’ve seen that solved on an older device with lower settings.

The device is a Samsung Galaxy S20FE 4G, I bought it just for IF and it was brilliant until the update, so I’m really disappointed.

The pulsing motion sort of ruins the sense of reality. Really hoping that some sort of fix is possible…

Sorry to hear about this. Are you able to share a video?

I would be happy to try, but I’ve got no idea how to… Are there any instructions somewhere?

You should be able to screen record on android via the drop down panel/page/notification bar, and in the options above brightness (2nd page to the right, if not may be turned off in settings) without 3rd party apps.

Uploading the screen recording to YouTube as an unlisted video works best, posting the video link here. 🙂

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Thanks, I’ll try… Is this something affecting others as well? I have a new device and I I think it is fairly good specs…

Have you tried resetting your control sensitivity? That might clear it up

I will try, but this looks like an issue with the graphics processing and rendering

This issue affects my Galaxy M30 phone as well

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Sorry to hear that, its annoying! But I’m kind of glad to know I’m not the only one… Maybe if its a known issue then a software fix can be found.

I’m stuck with my new phone now, it was brilliant before, and I can’t get a new one now…

It’s not a known issue, we’d really appreciate a video if you can film one (even with a different device) so we can have an idea of what’s going on. Thanks!

So my phone has the Exynos 990 processor, and the M30 has the Exynos 7904, both with 6GB ram…
Could this be a common connection here in some way, like the way the processors work with graphics?

I’ve never used YouTube so may struggle with the video upload… Its simple to imagine, it’s not like jerky lag, it’s smooth, but the speed of motion changes… It surges forwards a bit faster, then slower for a shorter bit…

And that pattern of motion changing is the same in the HUD, with the altitude readout for example, it rushes faster for a bit and then slows down. It’s only about 1 or 2 seconds between each of these changes, so it’s a constantly fluctuating effect.

I’m sorry, but we really need to see this issue to understand it :/
If it’s easier to email a video, feel free to send it to cameron@infiniteflight.com

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Thanks, I should be able to get a video to you by email, I’ll try later…

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Thanks, appreciate it!

Quick update… Following a device reset the pulsing motion has gone away, very pleased to say! I kept all settings high and the clouds on, so fingers crossed it won’t be an issue again.

Thanks to all who helped out!

Sadly it’s not fixed… The problem is there again, both at an airport with buildings and one without. Force restarting the app didn’t help.

I’ll send a video to Cameron soon…

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