Pull up warning

Hey guys. So I’ve been thinking about the pull up warning that are always installed in airplanes. It adds more realism to the game and similar as you added over speed warnings. I think that’s a great addition to infinite flight! What do you think?

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I cannot post this in features because the system won’t let me:(

Just keep it in general.

If you get IF assistant which costs money then you will have access to many warnings. I have it and I must say it’s pretty good


Why not get Infinite Flight Assistant; it’s brilliant!

In-Flight Assistant by John Goering


Damn @Chatta290, beat me to it 😂

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Great idea!

Also I get annoyed when we have to buy everything in there that costs 5 bucks

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This is a duplicate. Please search before requesting a feature.


I thought I just requested the pull up warning not realizing there’s a app.
A mod can close this now:)