Pull Forward/Towing Option

Well said! I can speak from experience that there are such things as “tow in gates” notably at KCLT E1 E2 E4 E27

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Hey, I’m new. How do I vote?

Go to the top of the thread and on the top left corner of your screen, you will see a blue vote button.

Hey, at the top of this thread, you will see a blue button that says “vote” click the button there.

Gonna bump this up. Hopefully this captures the developers’ attentions.

If it does, maybe they can surprise us in the next update? If not, hopefully 19.1 or a surprise 18.7

Gonna bump this up, we need this feature!

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Every flight I have done has been taxied forward a bit to the very end of the galley just so all the other gates are clear would be realistic and with clt’s new A concourse north addition jetblue planes would indeed hit the building if they pushed straight back and lined up on the taxiline.

Amazing request, nice detail! You have my vote!

In KCLT between terminal B and C they just do not allow bigger than 737 or CRJ in those spots.

I’ve done the pushback personally, and its an “S” turn almost 180 degree pushback. Forward push would be cool, but an S maneuver fixes that. After that ground does pull you forward to get you away from the terminal because of jetblast danger to terminal glass

Same, I fly there all the time and there are several spots at CLT that really need this featur

I do hope to see this soon. The towing option should’ve been added at the same time as the pushback option.

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I agree. Bump to the top.

I have been on flight from pdx to den and they pulled us forward a bit before disconnecting. I ran out of votes but I like the idea.

I believe that towing isn’t allowed with passengers on board in Zurich and other European airports and the pushback is rather done with a little movement first towards the exit and then towards the wall.

Still towing is realistic from maintenance to the gate (without passengers on board).

This would be really cool to use in-game. Hope it’s added.