Pull Forward/Towing Option


Ok, I’m going to bump this topic with something to keep ATC from ghosting you from taxiing without permission:

If you are pulling forward, your display will blink from white to purple and “Pulling forward” could also be displayed.

If “names of other players” is turned off, “Pulling Forward” will appear on top of the plane pulling forward.

(If a player wants to “tow” their airplane, they can get permission from ATC to tow to their desired spot. The requests for towing can appear if the engines are off.)


Bumping this up again as it is a basic option that all of us really need. Whether you are in the inner gate in a terminal like Gate 10 at KLAX or your plane spawns at the gate but is not lined up with the yellow line, this feature would benefit greatly.

We need more votes for this.


Bumping this again.

This is such a basic feature that is so essential at many points. From planes not correctly lined in a gate to being in the inner airport parking space like C2 at KPDX, this feature would prove very helpful to the simulator.


What would be really fun with this feature is simulating a tow from the gate to the maintenance hangar, or vice versa :)


@BigBert10 I don’t get ur picture. Is the dark Grey rectangle on the ground behind your plane a “building” and the long skinny grey rectangular shape to the left of the plane a “building”? If so… how does that gate exist


Or is the dark grey area behind the plane just a darkened area on the taxi way and the way u get out of there is go back initially, then stop and then pull forward in a left turn?


This gate is at KLAX. I think Gate 61 Can’t remember exactly since it was taken a while ago.

I have edited the picture a little bit. The red part is the airport “building.” The yellow part is basically where you would see garages or cars or something. You know what I mean.

The blue part is the gate itself.


Ohhh I see it now @BigBert10

It is ironic that you posted a KLAX gate and how we should have better features to add to realism to reduce trolling but KLAX is troll capital of the IF world 🤣🤣😂🤣


I like the idea. At CYYC where I work, Gate 6 is similar to this. Not in the sense you’d push back into the terminal, but you would push back into a blast wall. What they do is rotate the plane 90 degrees pretty much on gate (they do push it back a little), and then pull it forward onto the blast pad.


We need more votes!

This feature is so basic yet so useful in IF. A simple tug that could help expedite traffic, not hit “buildings” and line up with the yellow line at the gate on spawn.


This is needed! This happends a lot at EHAM :D


Considering a vote but I don’t think I’m at that point yet

I do like this feature


All votes count. We need to get the number higher so the developers become aware of this.

Anyone who has voted for this, thank you.


Voted! I know in Miami which also has gates like these, planes are towed away from the terminal after pushback so the terminal doesn’t get damaged by jetblast


Let’s say that you managed to not ‘hit the buildings’ after pushback. Then you’d need to taxi out to the runway, without the pull forward option the plane has to use engine power to start moving and at such a close distance jet blast would ‘damage the building’.


I was actually planning on requesting this, but decided not to for a few reasons.

1: Spinning around during pushback is actually quite realistic and I have seen it done many times while spotting and even while on a plane that was pushing back. Now, usually a spin is accompanied by a tow forward, but this isn’t completely necessary and as long as you are facing the right direction you can get out of there in about the same amount of time anyway.

2: Expert Server isn’t all Experts anymore, and Training Server would be ruined by this. People could use this as a loophole to taxi instructions both on TS and Expert, and even if it wasn’t being used incorrectly, a controller could mistake a weird tow for a taxi, even if it is a procedure used in real life. This could be abused as a “taxi while engines are starting” feature on the non-professional servers.

To sum up, this feature isn’t needed and while things currently work in a way that may not be 100% realistic, it would inevitably get worse with this implemented and we can all get by just fine and with pretty much no sacrifice without it. If I were to see this in the game, it would need to be accompanied with zones at every airport where this is and isn’t possible to do (ie the button isn’t available on an active taxiway and/or your tow immediately stops once you get to the edge of a non-movement zone), as well as a way for ATC to tell if you are towing or taxiing.


Yes, this is true. But this does not happen at every single airport in the whole wide world. For example, at KLAX, my flight from KLAX-KSJC was pushed back and then pulled forward to line up with the taxiway before the tug removed itself from our plane.

Expert Server consists of mainly experts in aviation. You can’t guarantee the whole server to be filled with experts like @N1DG. Obviously, people can use this as a loophole and that is why your displayed information "Callsign, display name, grade, etc would flash purple if you are pushing back or being towed forward. If you turned those off, then if another player pushes back or pulls forward, words saying “Pushback” or “Pull forward” will appear on top of the corresponding plane indicating that you are either pushing back or moving forward and the plane is moving without engine power. On the ATC side, your card can flash purple if you are pushing back or pulling foward so ATC doesn’t get confused if you are taxiing or pulling forward.

The expert server is there for those who are serious. No one would taxi through other players. If a plane next to you is cleared for pushback and you are not aware of it, ATC can simply tell you to “Hold Position.”

As for the training server, there is nothing much you can do because the pilots there are simply learning. The training server is already a wreck.

One big thing:

A feature for realism cannot be stopped just because of people who decide to ruin it for everyone.

To everyone: We can’t let this basic yet useful feature go ignored. Vote today!


I’m going to bump this topic again. This needs to catch the attention of the developers. It’s a small yet useful feature.


I like this! Something I’ve wanted for a while - you have another vote sir!


Thank you for your support! :D

I would love to see this implemented in the future.