Pull Forward/Towing Option

This is my first feature request, so feel free to leave any feedback down below.

Hello IFC,

I think Infinite Flight is missing a small, but important feature: the pull forward/tow option. Here are my reasons:

Reason 1

In the picture below, you can see that I am in a gate that’s pretty deep inside the terminal. Pushing back would cause me to “hit the buildings.”

But BigBert10, there are no buildings.

That’s why I put that in quotations, but who, especially if you are aiming for real world realism like me, would want to pushback into a building or leave the taxiway?

BigBert10, you could just pushback in the other direction onto the main taxiway.

If the airport is crowded, that would disrupt flowing traffic

BigBert10, just pushback in the other direction and spin the plane.

Ladies and gentlemen, before we even get airborne, let’s get dizzy! No, that is just awkward and not realistic.

What about the trolls taxiing into other people?

That’s the training server. There is nothing you can do about that.

Expert Server?

The expert server is for people who are serious about the simulator. Who would taxi into other people?

Is this even done in real life?

Yes, the video is below:
Watch from 0:00 to 1:30. You will notice that the plane is being pushed back and then pulled forward a little bit.

What if there is already an airplane that has pushed back and your plane would not have room to pull forward, but it is required?

Ground would not approve you for pushback.

How would this help with flowing traffic?

Even if you are not in an inner gate, you can still be pulled forward to make room for an airplane that is more on the inside to pushback. For example, let’s say I am Alaska Airlines Flight 321 at KLAX heading for KSEA. I am at gate 63 and there is another Alaska Airlines Flight 123 heading for PHNL, but that plane is at gate 61, an inner gate at KLAX. We both have the same departure times and we need to leave KLAX on time. Alaska 321 can simply pushback first and then get pulled forward to make room for Alaska 123 to pushback.

Reason 2:

Also, when you spawn at gates at some airports, like my Home airport at KSJC, the plane would not be correctly lined up with the gate or the plane would be too far back. The solution for people like me is to turn on their engines and then reposition themselves so that their plane is lined up with the yellow line at the gate and is not too far back. Well, that would pose a problem since it takes time to turn on the engines. With the pull forward button, you just have to click a button like pushback and you can reposition yourself without having to turn the engines on.

Reason 3

Unlike other feature requests like 3D Buildings and city lights, I think this feature would be pretty simple to implement. A simple click of a button would just pull the plane forward at a speed of 1-3 kts like the pushback option. I could be wrong and the pushback option could require a ton of coding, but I’m going to guess it doesn’t take much to implement the pushback feature.

Reason 4

I am aware that some airplanes like the B767 can move when you release the brake. But others like the B737, especially if its heavy, will not be able to move forward until you push the throttle and power the engines and we all know that planes, especially if they are in a gate like the picture above, will be tugged foward by the car after pushback.

Reason 5

I am aware that some of you can be concerned about ATC ghosting you. In real life, it’s not a violation of federal laws if planes get tugged foward. So what I suggest that if and hopefully when this feature is implemented, ATC would be aware that you are just being tugged forward because of your low speed. In an airport like KLAX, there is a line that indicates the safe taxi line or something like that. ATC can ghost you if you are crossing that line. At an airport like KSJC, you pushback and you are on the main taxiway. ATC can request for you to be pulled forward to help another aircraft that requested pushback at the same time as you pushback as well. This can save time.

Example at KSJC with the pull foward/tow option

I am Southwest Airlines flight 523 from KSJC-KSEA. I am parked at gate 24 and I see another Southwest Airlines Flight 143 these are made up flights parked next to me at gate 23, and it is heading from KSJC-KSNA with the same departure time as me. Let’s say that in this case, Runway 30R at KSJC yes, it is a real runway at KSJC will be used for take off. I am in gate 24, which means I am closer to the runway than Southwest 143. Both of us request for pushback at the same time:

  • ME: San Jose Ground, Southwest 523, ready for pushback with information ALPHA
  • Southwest 143: San Jose Ground, Southwest 143, ready for pushback with information ALPHA
  • ATC: Southwest 523, pushback approved, expect runway 30R and pull forward.
  • ATC: Southwest 143, hold position
  • Southwest 143: Holding position, Southwest 143
  • ME: Pushback approved and pull forward, Southwest 523
  • ME: Pushes back and pulls forward until I am clear of gate 23.
  • ATC: Southwest 143, pushback approved, expect runway 30R
  • Southwest 143: Pushback approved, Southwest 143
  • Southwest 143: Pushes back
  • ME: While Southwest 143, pushes back, I can test my controls, set flaps, trim, etc without blocking Southwest 143.

As you can see in this scenario, both planes can push back and can start their pre-taxi checklist faster.

Example at KSJC without the pull foward option
  • ME: San Jose Ground, Southwest 523, ready for pushback with information ALPHA
  • Southwest 143: San Jose Ground, Southwest 143, ready for pushback with information ALPHA
  • ATC: Southwest 523, pushback approved, expect runway 30R
  • ME: Pushback approved, Southwest 523
  • ATC: Southwest 143, hold position.
  • Southwest 143: Holding position, Southwest 143
  • ME: Finishes pushback and I am right behind Southwest 143, so that plane cannot pushback.
  • ME: Checks controls, set trim for takeoff, set takeoff flaps, etc
  • ME: San Jose Ground, Southwest 523, ready to taxi
  • ATC: Southwest 523, taxi to runway 30R, contact tower when ready.
  • ME: Taxiing to runway 30R, Southwest 523
  • ATC: Southwest 143: Pushback approved, expect runway 30R
  • Southwest 143: Pushback approved, Southwest 143

As you can see, it takes more time in this scenario for Southwest 143 to be able to push back and start its pre-taxi checklist.

Anyways, those are my reasons why the pull forward or tow option is necessary for Infinite Flight.

If you read the whole post, thank you. I hope you vote for this feature as it will make the game even more realistic.

Yes, there was already a previous topic discussing this but I requested it to be closed so I can create a more detailed and in-depth one in the hopes of convincing you guys, the community, to vote for this feature request, and the developers to implement this small, but important feature.


Basically, the pull forward/towing option will increase realism to the simulator and improve convenience for pilots and ATC. It also will allow for better traffic flow.

Make sure to vote for it!


Very detailed…

But I mostly see the plane going slight in the other direction then turn it


Then it won’t be able to properly line up on the taxiway. It could end up on the side of the taxi way, unless the pushback option could completely stop the plane moving forward/backward and spin the plane instead.

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This would work, but not in all cases. There are planes, that have already pushed back before you have pushed back. You could pushback and see an airplane right in front of you. If you go in the other direction, there is a chance of you hitting that plane.


Ok, I’m going to predict that most members here did not read the post fully. Because it was too long XD


I am going to bump this topic with a TL;DR

Basically, the pull forward/towing option will increase realism to the simulator and improve convenience for pilots and ATC. It also will allow for better traffic flow.


Yes please, I was at CYVR horseshoe just now and I realize how pull forward can help me in this situation to get out of the gate. Time to spare a vote

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I’ve had multiple fighter jets travelling over 1600knots under 10,000ft on expert. -_-

Anyways this is quite an interesting post. I never knew that some airport need to push forward I though it was always backwards. Unfortunately i’m out of votes but this would be a great addition to the simulator and I hope that it is implemented some day to increase the realism :)


I think I said it somewhere in the OP.

Planes sometimes get pulled forward, like the video above, to allow for more planes to be pushed back.

I also don’t know if I included this in the OP or not but in some airports, you don’t spawn directly and in line with the yellow line at the gate. If you’re someone like me, you would try to line up your plane with the yellow line. This means having to pushback and then bring your plane forward WITH engines on. It’s just inconvenient and is not realistic unless the plane is “coming in to park.”

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You have my vote!
This would be a great feature in IF to allow more room

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I have added the TL;DR to the OP.

You would be surprised at the number of unprofessional pilots there are on the expert server.

While I support this idea, I think this would make it very difficult for IFATC ground controllers because many people would abuse the feature, even for stupid things such as being too impatient to request taxi and wait for a response.

I can imagine a Ghosting complaint where the pilot was told to not taxi without clearance but did so anyway, and the player saying that they were just using the tug feature.

I really like your idea, but I think there are several technical issues that would need to be worked out before it would be added (e.g. changes to the ATC menu)

Either the ATC can tell the pilot to pilot until requested to stop or pull forward until this area (something like that XD) or the pilot can request a pull forward when requesting to pushback.


Great Idea, and very realistic feature. Alot of people forget that some major airports have a seperate area for apron and movement area. I think as long as you push and pull without entering the movement area (often a line) would eliminate that grey area for ATC, but I can also see where this could be abused.

This sounds good, but what is the difference between this and moving forward with a little thrust from the engines?

Simple, yet revolutionary. Voted!

(I did like 5 days ago actually)

Many pilots, especially on expert, spawn with their engines off. If you’re a pilot like me, you would rather have the plane corrected and moved to line up with that gate line. Or, you could pull yourself a little forward before turning on your engines so you don’t hit the “building” if you were parked in an inner gate, like Gate 10 at KLAX.


I like this idea, it could be very helpful. Let me free up a vote.

But, the whole, just pull a 180°, it happens quite often here at KTPA. When planes push off of gates C30-C32, especially C31, the Aircraft normally face the opposite direction from the taxiways. I’ve been on Jets that push from C31 and have had to pull a 180°, and honestly it’s not something you really feel. If someone wasn’t an avgeek, they probably wouldn’t notice it at all.

Not saying it’s not an understandable reason, but more saying that it’s something that happens.


I like the idea although this would confuse ATC to think wether their taxing or towing themself forward.

Although this might be a solution, I personally think this feature is best to come with the pushback tug. Also, if the commands were to be added, it will probably be a bit of a clutter on ATC’s side by having too many commands.

Speedbird 1 > Pushback approved >Expect runway 27L/ 27R > Pull forward/ Send.


Why don’t you add to the the OP
“As far as the ATC aspect I would like to add a color change to aircraft being towed. That way ATC would not be confused if the aircraft was taxiing or if it was being towed”? I believe this would be a good feature to add as I would love towing operations to IF as well. Say I wanted to start a flight from a maintenance hanger then move to a gate. Either way, you get a vote from me.


Like I said in the OP, ATC could give the clearance to pull forward or the pilot can request a pull forward while requesting a pushback.

For the color part, I don’t know how easy or hard it is for the developers to implement. I’m trying to keep this feature request simple, so it is easier to implement. And hopefully it comes sooner XD
But the color part could bring some help, but even though you are being towed, ATC still has to clear you to be towed, unless you are in a gate trying to correct your plane with that gate line (yellow line).