Pulau Tioman Approach Challenge @ WMBT - 032000ZMAR17 (CLOSED)

Join us this week for our approach challenge we will go from Sigapore Changi to Pulau Tioman! We will land on runway 20, probably the most dangerous runway to land on in IF! Choose any gate near runway 02C at WSSS and Copy The FPL below!


B747 Family


We will cruise at 6,900 at 230 knts i will be lead aircraft!

Thank you and we will see you there!


That’s quite slow and you might want to re-elevate your flight plan just to make the flight a bit shorter, maybe?


Flight Plan Is Alright

What server is this on?

Lets do this on casual to not distrurb the training and expert servers


When is it I’m there now in a delta 717-200 if it’s OK

That airport can’t handle 717

Only turboprops.

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What are you talking about? For this event you could only use Cessnas

That airport only supports GA aircraft And Turboprops

Is this a challenge? No Jets makes this not a challenge.

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Alright i’ll change it up 747 and A380’s only as it is “not a challenge”

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Your 747 and Giant Whale would stall at that speed.


I would suggest 220kts, 115 is too slow unless you want to stall

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It Can I went earlier with a 737-900

I never meant that big but yes, a challenge is a challenge.

Sounds pretty fun, maybe I’ll attend. I pulled this off once in 788 in solo, dive bombing and pulling up hard, full brakes, spoilers, and reversers.

Thats what a said,

717 is not a GA Aircraft or Turboprop.

In reality, no 717 or 737 would ever land there.

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Nah thats way to easy and boring how about we choose the 2 biggest planes and land it on a 3000 feet runway! Fun right?

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Its impossible to land there by A380 but i think its (maybe) possible with B744… im coming with B744