Puerto Princesa to Mactan Cebun

Hello this is my first skit and inspired by RJPlayz, By the way let’s get started! We are the the main terminal here the Puerto Princesa and at the apron!

This A321-231 was delivered by Airbus from Hamburg It’s first flight was in 2013 and it’s 10.4 years old.

Test Registration: D-AVZR

We are at 23A in Premium Economy and I was surprised by its comfortability in this seat and sitting by next to the loud IAE V2533-A5! ( I just love engine roar!!!)

We are taxiing to Runway 09

Lining up!


Wonderful scene

I went to the right emergency door tiny window

We are starting to descent after 30 minutes

Starting to do a left downwind procedure in Runway 22

Left base Runway 22

Short Final!


![Taxi gate|820x461](upload://zsXjOJXp3p
Taxiing to gate

Terminal 1


That flight was outstanding and the flight attendants were kind and hardworking, Everybody in the flight got treated like the same as here in premium economy. I would rate this flight 10/10


How can I originally be a NEO if is a CEO? NEOs also didn’t really exist in 2013

seems u like front wing view too much lol

I must mislicked a number when putting registration

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