Puchasing Live +

So yesterday and today, I’ve been trying to purchase live + from the play store and after I click buy I get the message shown in the screenshot here. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with the latest IF update and software update. My account is also in good standing with a good balance so I don’t seem to know the issue. Has anyone else had this problem recently?

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It may be because it costs so much and you bought something else before. So Google is doing it to prevent fraudulent purchases. Like it says, try it again in 30 minutes and update me please.
Good luck :))

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That is your opinion. I’ve had this game for two years and I haven’t regretted it.

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Still the same error. I might leave it for a couple days and see what happens.

I see. Best of luck :))

When I bought Live+ on my android, it never displayed that message. I even bought the F-14, A332F, and 3 regions before I purchased it. I don’t know what your problem is.

Get an apple device there better. And they arnt a pain to buy anything because its all verified allready

I had an iPhone 5 before and I can assure you that I switched to Android for good reasons. Not going back but thanks anyway.

I like apple but the phones break way to easy.

I think the Touch ID button and the camera lens are made out of Sapphire glass or something like that, making it virtually indestructible? I mean, have you ever seen the Touch ID button or camera lens cracked? It would be nice if the whole screen was like that.

I dropped my phone in the sink last night and my previous phone in the toilet and they both survived wothout issues.

I constantly drop my phone and once I was exiting my car with my phone on my lap (Unkowinlgy) and it flew onto the sidewalk.

but this is for another topic

Sorry but this really isn’t anything we can resolve. It’s a issue between the Play store, and your financial institution.

Ok thank you David. I’ll contact the Play Store.